How long does it take to scan a house or property?
  1. 1,000 Square Foot = 45 mins
  2. 2,000 Square Foot = 60 – 90 mins
  3. 5,000 Square Foot = 2.5 hours – 4 hours

Scan time can vary based on the complexity of the location and other factors. For example, open commercial real estate properties with less geometric detail will often be take less time to scan than heavily occluded spaces such as MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) rooms.

Got any quick tips to prep the space prior to scanning?
  1. Open all doors leading into the rooms you want captured
  2. Turn on lights and open shades to ensure consistent lighting
  3. Tidy up all furniture and/or decorations
  4. Turn off all moving objects/appliances.
  5. Hide or remove personal items, trash or visible clutter
Where can the final scans be viewed?
  1. Google Maps and Google Street View (additional costs)
  2. Your website and social media channels
  3. Your Multiple Listings Service (MLS)
  4. Send directly to colleagues and clients
When will the space be ready for me to implement?

We can generally have the active links to your live 3D Matterport tour within 48 hours of our team completing the scan at your property/residence. This includes your fully interactive 3D model, 360 panorama images and 2D images. 2D Floor Plans are delivered within 7 days.

Can the scan be done during business hours?

3D models are generally more user friendly when there is limited movement in shot. Therefore, we recommend that scanning takes place out of business hours or during off-peak times if at all possible.

Can I integrate photography and video content into my scans?

Yes, you can embed almost anything into your 3D space. Attach text, links, and multimedia content to specific points in your scans. Mattertag Posts are anchored to points that you choose in the 3D model data, so you are able to add descriptions and embed almost anything – such as additional photos, video or audio files – right into your 3D Space.

Have a video on YouTube or Vimeo relevant to your business or space?

We can integrate this into the scan, allowing users to watch it within the 3D environment without having to visit an external site.

How do I embed the content onto my website?

Using a simple iframe, you can embed the 3D Scans the same way you would embed a YouTube video. You easily can add it yourself, ask your web team to add it for you, or our MCS developers can assist as well.

Can outdoor areas be scanned?

Yes, we can capture exterior areas with 360º Views. Because direct sunlight can interfere with 3D scans, we cannot produce a 3D model of exteriors. We recommend using 360º views for outdoor or sunny areas.

Can I create floor plans from my spaces?

Yes. You can order black-and-white Schematic Floor Plans.

Can I direct viewers from an item in the image to the same item in our online store?

Yes. Any item in the image can be tagged with a hyperlink to that same item in your online store.

Can I alter text changes within the virtual tour?

We understand that the information you want your customers and clients to view may change on a regular basis. This may be a result of fluctuating market pricing, seasonal information or new products and services. Our team is on hand to ensure any text changes are implemented within 24 hours of your request.

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